What Makes Our Programs Unique?

Our programs prepare caregivers from all disciplines and care settings to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment and restore death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life. It builds communities of care and healing, benefiting everyone involved in care at the end of life. By entering this innovative course of study with us, you will be supported by faculty-led live Zooms and OTA’s (Online Teaching Assistants). You will be immersed in a new body of innovative training in End-of-Life Literacy and experience transformative, nurturing and deep inner-work.

We utilize media-rich, emotional and spiritual-evoking content from leaders (old and new), in support for the dying. Our program integrates evidence-based, healing practices from the work of Dr. Jean Watson's Caring Science Theory, using the Unitary World View and 10 Caritas Processes alongside Conscious Dying Principles and Practices.

Conscious Dying Education is a body of work risen from Tarron Estes’ forty years of practice in multiple healing arts and spiritual lineages, and the dedication of our staff and faculty to honoring that legacy while looking forward to the current cultural climate and needs of our communities. Our End-Of-Life Doula Program is a highly interactive, community building model that establishes stronger access to our authentic caring and healing presence as well as a deeper relationship to source, self and other as we expand beyond our own personal fear and belief system of life and death.

We are especially proud to offer Continuing Nursing Education Hours (CNEs) for our core programs. Because of the rigorous nature of the approval process, many employers will accept CNE hours as sources of continuing education, even for professionals who are not nurses. For professions outside of nursing, check with your licensing board for approval.


And we are honored to nurture ties with a growing list of affiliates and partners in the realm of Conscious Dying Care and Education.