Are you called to this work?

We offer two core programs, the Conscious Dying Coach & Sacred Passage Doula certificate trainings. The Conscious Dying Coach program is the foundation to our curriculum, because it is only after we have explored our own beliefs and fears about Death, that we can support others compassionately. Whether you want to become an end-of-life doula through our Sacred Passage training or your focus is purely self-reflection, every journey to living fully begins by befriending death.

Conscious Dying Coach - Certificate

This program is all about rich exploration, practical application, and befriending death.

An End-of-Life Coach supports someone in getting clear on what is most important to them at their end-of-life, how these insights may change the way they are currently living, and what concrete steps they may want to take so they may live in truer alignment with their priorities in all 5 domains of life: Spiritual, emotional, physical, life purpose, and practical after-death care.

Sacred Passage Doula - Certificate

Our end-of-life doula program has been carefully designed to take students through an in-depth exploration of the 5 domains of life.

End-of-Life Doulas are frontline caregivers who offer non-medical, healing vs. curative care to families and patients during critical illness and the dying process. They work individually or in teams, available around the clock, and fill in care gaps before, nearing, during and after death. The presence of an End-Of-Life Doula at the bedside assures families and loved ones that they can focus on what is most important throughout the dying process.