Jan Booth


Jan has worked as a nurse for over 37 years within the intersection of quality of life and end of life, and she is deeply curious about what creates and sustains wellbeing throughout the human experience. Her initiation into the world of death and dying came during nursing school as an unexpected calling. She had started school with the intention of becoming a midwife and helping birth babies. But then she heard this clear call to serve instead as a midwife for the dying. Since that time, Jan has never looked back. Her work trajectory has taken her from years at the bedside of hospice and palliative care patients to supporting the wellbeing of caregivers, and now into the larger community to further open our cultural conversation about end of life.

Jan's current work is primarily as an end-of-life nurse, coach, and educator. She serves as faculty for the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy, the Conscious Dying Collective, and the Art of Dying Institute’s integrative thanatology certificate program; and presents a wide variety of workshops on the transformative possibilities of end-of-life care. Additionally, Jan is the author of Re-Imagining the End-of-Life: Self-Development & Reflective Practices for Nurse Coaches, and one of the co-authors of Bold Spirit Caring for the Dying.